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Planet Help 2001

PROVisions for Dependent Children
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Child Support Assistance in Arizona

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Thousands of Arizona fathers are hopelessly behind on child support. That hurts kids, it hurts the parents who are left to raise children without support, and keeps fathers locked in the legal system, where they can never help fix the problem. We are here to help.

PROVisions for Dependent Children is a non-profit program that breaks the cycle. 

Parental Reform Outreach…Visions for dependent children. A concept born from the knowledge that present methods of collecting child support are ineffective.

PROVisions is an executive committee of Planet Help 2001, an IRS tax-exempt, non-profit 501 © (3) corporation, Arizona, est. 1993.

The Problem of Enforcement and Penalty Laws


Separation/Divorce of the Parents

The custodial parent very often falls short with income. The non-custodial parent is ordered to assist financially.

Effect on the Community

Taxpayers’ money is spent when non-custodial parents cannot meet financial obligations. (i.e. health services)

The Consequences

When punitive legal steps are taken, payments are “backed” up and the family continues to suffer.

The Solution: PROVisions’ Role in the Community


Money is donated to clear up arrears, helping the family directly and decreasing the cost to taxpayers.

Effect on the Community

Court-ordered community service is arranged for the non-custodial parent, ensuring payments to the family.

The Benefits

Interest-earning education funds for the children, health insurance, job service and family counseling referrals.

Planet Help 2001 invites you to participate in this win-win-win experience for the children of our community.

Your donation helps kids, moms and dads, and it makes a huge impact in your community – because your donation goes to work right where you live.

Don’t wait. Make your tax-deductible donation now. You’ll be glad you did.

Child Support Arrears in Arizona

Planet Help 2001 helps non-custodial fathers pay off their child support and gets them out of court.

  • 135,000 Families Affected
  • 156,000 Children Affected
  • $1.7 Billion in Back Child Support
Planet Help 2001 │ Back Child Support Arizona │ PROVisions



Ed Pastor, U.S. Congressman

“This program has many advantages in that it diverts fathers who are in arrears of child support payments into developing a healthy relationship with their children while addressing arrears in a constructive manner. This makes financial sense and certainly is proactive in assisting in keeping families together.”


Ruth Solomon, State Senator

“Personally, I have also felt that this type of non-profit assistance should be applied at the child support level. Your methods of clearing up the ‘arrears’ owed to the custodial parent and children seems to be extremely timely and can be of great benefit to the families involved.”


Moises Gallegos, Deputy Human Services Director, City of Phoenix

“Together, as a community, I believe that we can improve outcomes for the children and families, particularly through the works of Plant Help 2001 and the involvement of fathers in the lives of their children.”

Non-Custodial Parent Required Qualifications



be making current payments, or have history of payments



participate in community service prior to funds being released



continue regular court-ordered child support payments



complete the community service and financial agreements

PROVisions Program



provide job service or referral and facilitate home ownership



establish an education reserve fund for the children



provide a 12-step family education curriculum to aid all family members



purchase health insurance for all family members

Contact Planet Help 2001

John A. Patterson, III

Executive Director, Planet Help 2001

(480) 363-0213

Christine E. Bermea

Program Director, PROVisions

(480) 593-2966

PROVisions operates under the 501©(3) corporation, Planet Help 2001, established 1993.

Tax-deductible donations are accepted at Arizona Federal CU and Valley of the Sun United Way, Agency #1886.